Charles Ragsdale

North American settled in Seville


Charles Ragsdale was born in New York. He has a Degree in International Studies and Spanish from the University of Chicago and a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Economics from the prestigious John Hopkins University in Washington D.C. specializing in Latin American Studies.

For 15 years he combined his studies with his passion for photography before converting it into his career. In 2000-2001 he participated in a student exchange in Seville. Following this, in 2002 he carried out a photographic documentary of his travels from the north to the south of the American continent all the way to Tierra del Fuego, a journey of 40,000 km which took him seven months. Since 2015, he has wholly devoted himself to photography. He lives in Seville, where he is currently perfecting his skills in the independent photography space Cobertura Photo with the photographers Alberto Rojas and Valentín Luján. He was in charge of coordinating the ‘Generations’ project, which saw him travel all over Spain.